Swimming is always among the top public recreational activities around the world. And recreational swimming is generally used for exercise and relaxation. Because swimming is known as one of the most relaxing activities and water is known to calm us and can also help to reduce stress. So, if you love to swim, then you should know some fun facts about swimming.

And, in some countries around the world, swimming lessons are a compulsory part of the educational curriculum. But, before swimming, one should also know that there are various risks present during swimming, mainly because it takes place in water. Here are 10 interesting and fun facts about swimming that you should know.

Swimming Makes Your Heart And Lungs Strong

Swimming usually strengthens the heart and lungs and improves your heart rate, making your lungs work more efficiently. Because the more you swim, the more your blood pressure and heart rate improves, thus it increases the supply of blood in your body. In this way, swimming makes your heart and lungs strong.

Not Many People In America Can Swim

In a survey, it has been found that more than half of all people in America (around 54 percent) either can’t swim or don’t have all of the basic swimming skills that can prevent swimming-related injuries and death.

Swimming Reduces Stress

Swimming also has a positive impact on our mental health and swimming regularly, even just half an hour at a time, reduces stress, lowers depression and anxiety, and improves sleep patterns. It can also improve mood in both men and women.

Australia Is Most Passionate About Swimming

Australia is known as the country which is most passionate about swimming and Australia is actually known for its swimming culture. According to a research study conducted in Australia, swimming is identified as the most popular sport in the country.

Swimming Can Detoxify Skin And Promote New Cell Growth

Swimming regularly in salt water helps the skin retain moisture and can detoxify the skin to promote new cell growth because magnesium, calcium, and potassium are all skin-friendly minerals that can be found in sea salt present in the saltwater of the ocean.

Swimming Burns A Lot Of Calories

Swimming usually burns around 20-25% more calories than moderate or even fast running per hour.

Competitive Swimmers Swim 6-12 Miles Per Day

Most competitive swimmers generally swim 6-12 miles a day, however, it actually depends on the swimmer’s age, ability, and commitment level also.

Swimming Is An All-body Exercise

When you are swimming, you are using almost every major muscle in your body. That is why swimming is an all-body exercise and it gives you a full-body workout and generally uses more muscles than baseball and football.

Swimming Burns More Calories Than Cycling

In one hour, swimming usually burns approximately 40% more calories than cycling or biking.

Most Competitive Swimmers Suffer From Shoulder Pain

In a new study, it has been found that more than half of world-class competitive swimmers experience shoulder pain or suffer from shoulder pain.