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Small Apartment Balcony Ideas You Have To Try


Hey apartment dwellers! Need some apartment balcony ideas to spice up your outdoor life? With these apartment deck ideas, even a tiny outdoor space can become a comfortable place to relax and unwind. We have the advice you need! Here are some excellent small balcony ideas and meditation balcony ideas to inspire you to create a small space outdoor retreat.

Your balcony can be transformed into an outdoor retreat. However, it is important to figure out the basics.
Will you need a space for entertaining, relaxing, or dining?
Is the spot in a sunny or shaded area?
Does it offer privacy?
Once you take note of these basics, we can go ahead and decorate your balcony. Depending on the available space on your balcony, tailor it to suit your needs and current lifestyle.
For instance, some may prefer a balcony office or garden while others a fitting jacuzzi or dining area. Just do you!

1. Have a small table

You don’t need a yard to dine alfresco, because alfresco dining can happen anywhere, even on your balcony. Take advantage of weekends and work-from-home days and set up an al-fresco dining table that you can use for having meals. Set the table and add natural elements like flowers to add a distinctive style. Well, a table is already a basic piece of furniture on almost everyone’s balcony but perhaps, you could play around with various designs and actually get a prettier one. A nice café table creates such a nice café spot on your balcony. Imagine enjoying a cup of coffee on your balcony with a view of the sunrise. In fact, you can also enjoy dinner under the moon! So beautiful, right?

2. Add some foldable seats

Your café table won’t be complete without the nice foldable seats. Foldable seats make it very easy to store them aside especially if you’d want to create extra space on your small apartment balcony. Go for chairs that are lightweight so that you can move them around easily as much as they provide maximum comfort while sitting on them.

3. You can even have a nested swing

This is one of my favorite apartment deck ideas! A nested swing is ideal where you don’t want to take the trouble of putting in hooks on the ceiling. This self-standing swing lets you cocoon in peace on your balcony.

4. Hang a balcony bench

Adding warmth to your balcony with a wooden old-school bench can add personality to your balcony. It is comfortable even when you want to lay! Just add some pillows and reminisce. There is plenty of small balcony furniture and you can even go for other types of balcony benches. And don’t forget to get some stylish outdoor pillows, too.

5. What about the shade?

Easy apartment balcony cover ideas: simple standing shade!