Super soft monochrome decor melts over these two luxe modern home interiors, creating mellow tranquillity. Each of these home interiors are furnished with made-to-measure cabinetry that fits flush and builds a look of luxe. Elegant metallic accents lift the warm, creamy backdrop of these home designs, adding rich lustre that polishes room layouts with a sense of quality. Large modern lighting installations are used to sculpt shape and create unique styling, often acting as the main focal point for the space. From oversized and unusual pendant light designs, to eye-catching modern floor lamps, and contemporary wall sconces, there’s inspiration here to set your interior aglow.

Shades of milky white smooth over our first soft monochrome decor scheme, creating a peaceful minimalist living space. The light, tonal arrangement lets the eye and the mind rest, whilst textural elements ensure that the design does not fall flat.

LED strips are situated around the perimeter of the whote room, where they create a glow from the ceiling line and floor seam.

At night, the slices of fresh white LED illumination can switch into dark mode, burning an atmospheric flame orange.

A modern sofa design cosily embraces the edge of the open plan lounge area, pulling snugly around the edge of a ​​solid stone rustic coffee table.

The woven living room rug adds a deeply inviting textural appeal. The chunky rug works to define the outline of the sitting area, clearly distinguishing it from the neighbouring kitchen and dining space.