When you’re under that sweltering summer sun, one of the best ways to keep cool is by heading to the ocean, lake, river, or pool. While you’re beating the heat, you’ll also be improving your health and wellbeing by enjoying nature and getting some exercise.

There are tons of fun and unique water activities you can pursue that will help you accomplish all of these things at once. Plus, you can meet others who share your aquatic hobby, and benefit your social life by taking part in an active community! Here are just a few ideas to inspire your next waterfront weekend.

#1. Sailing 

Get out on the high seas and let the rushing winds act as a natural air conditioner. Whether you’re a skipper (a boat owner) or a prospective crew member looking for OPBs (other people’s boats), there are Meetup sailing groups waiting to welcome you aboard.

#2. Surfing 

Grab your board and head to the beach, because the surf’s up this summer and those waves aren’t going to ride themselves. If you’re a beginner, you’re in luck—lots of Meetup surfing groups help newbies nail the pop up and find their balance.

#3. Kayaking   

Paddle out with a group and explore your waterfront landscape, whether that’s the coastline of a major city with breathtaking views of downtown, or a pristine riverbed miles away from civilization. Unlike some other water activities, kayaking can be done almost anywhere. You don’t need to wait for a strong headwind or a big wave to take you where you want to go—all you need is a little oomph as you glide along the water.

#4. Dragon Boating  

Combining all the fun and sightseeing of kayaking with a team-based, competitive edge, dragon boating is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. Originating in ancient China, dragon boats hold dozens of rowers all together, plus a steerer who stands at the back of the boat, and a drummer who sits up front to lead the team. Less for leisure and more for speed, dragon boaters often compete in 250 meter sprints, and your heart will definitely be pumping!

#5. Swimming 

You just can’t beat a classic. Swimming is the tried-and-true way to beat the summer heat, plus there’s more than one way to enjoy swimming. You could join groups for a casual dip off of Tybee Island near Savannah, Georgia. If you appreciate the freedom and beauty of more intense, open water swims Vermont could be a perfect fit for you.